Open Arms Men’s Shelter


In July 1989, Open Arms began its operation and today continues to provide a full range of services for up to 38 homeless single adult men in need of temporary housing, 24/7 year-round.

It also provides emergency shelter and meals for up to 50 men each night—a total of 500 unduplicated individuals annually. These are men who would spend their nights on the streets without the assistance of Open Arms.

Many residents struggle with substance abuse or mental illness, HIV/AIDS, or have co-occurring disorders. Some are just out of prison on parole.

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“A lot of people look down on homeless people. I was that way myself until I fell into some bad times. What people don’t realize is that they could be only a paycheck away from homelessness, themselves.”

The shelter provides much more than a bed, shower and meal—our guests receive support and encouragement to engage in substance abuse and mental health recovery programs or employment services—as each follows their own, unique path to a better life.

Open Arms’ Staff includes case managers, client care workers and managers working as a team. Each resident is personally matched with a case worker, who works with them to develop an individualized program to best meet their needs. Our objective is to place residents in transitional or permanent housing, while moving them toward independent living and as quickly as possible.



Our Location:         
86 East Post Road     
White Plains, NY 10601        

Jennifer Smart
Program Director,
Open Arms Men's Shelter

Samaritan House Women’s Shelter

Samaritan House was originally founded as a family shelter in 1978 in response to the “silent” and “secret” problem of homelessness in Westchester County.  As awareness of homelessness grew and more services became available, the program transitioned to become a shelter for single, homeless women.

Today, Samaritan House provides comprehensive services as well as referrals to outside treatment programs for women suffering from substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS.  Some are just out of prison on parole. 

The shelter has 17 transitional beds for residents referred by the Westchester County Department of Social Services (DSS) and 4 emergency beds for nightly drop-in clients.  Emergency guests are provided with overnight shelter, clothing, toiletries, meals, snacks and referrals.

Each resident receives ongoing case management supports while in the shelter to ensure that she can choose the best mix of treatment and service options for her individual needs.  Our primary objective is to help women transition into permanent housing.

Samaritan House prides itself on the number of women who have successfully used their time with us to move on to more stable, productive and fulfilling lives.


“I had never been in a shelter before, and I was terrified. I had hit rock bottom but the staff made me feel as though I was home, for which I was extremely grateful. I’m clean now and back with my daughter… this experience was a stepping stone back to my life. I don’t know where I’d be without Samaritan House.” - Tameeka


Our Location:       
33 Church Street - 3rd Floor         
White Plains, NY 10601        

Deborah Williams
Program Director,
Samaritan House Women's Shelter
914.948.3075 x 9310


Your financial donations can make Open Arms Men's Shelter and Samaritan House Women's Shelter feel less like a shelter and more like a home. 

You can help by making a financial donation or by donating:

  • New underwear, socks, slippers, pajamas, winter scarves, gloves & hats

  • Toiletries & personal items

  • Prepared meals to feed 25

  • Gift certificates from major supermarkets

  • New linens and towels to assist residents preparing to move into their own apartments.

To Volunteer or make an In-Kind Donation—please contact:
Nancy Inzinna
914.949.3098 x 9735

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