There’s nothing quite like summer.

Anyone who has ever been to camp fondly remembers those wondrous days spent under the summer sun . . . the cherished memories of chasing friends in games of tag, racing to reach the other end of the swimming pool, or enjoying a cold ice cream cone under the shade of a tree. Summer spelled independence, growth and most importantly, fun.

But for homeless and low-income children, summer often means idle time with no direction . . . hours spent watching TV or wandering unsupervised where they are at risk of exposure to drugs and other bad influences. For them, summer’s sun doesn’t shine quite as brightly.

That’s why 40 years ago, we created a summer camp to provide homeless children with four weeks of fun and a lifetime of memories.


Brighter Futures Summer Camp is the only camp in Westchester that specifically targets homeless children, offering them a safe, secure place where they can forget about the stigma of poverty for four weeks and just be kids.

It’s a place where at-risk kids like 9 year-old Jeremy who lives in a family homeless shelter can benefit from the guidance of caring adults who help them make better choices in their lives and inspire them to dream big.

It’s a place where they can grow socially, emotionally and physically . . . where they can make new friends . . . learn to respect others . . . and start to believe in themselves. And when children believe in themselves, the world opens up for them.

Campers enjoy a wide range of activities such as arts & crafts, swimming, sports and singing. There are also several activities like reading and journal writing to prevent academic backslide.

This summer, Brighter Futures is expecting 90 homeless and low-income campers. Their parents struggle to make ends meet and can’t afford the camp fee.

All campers will need scholarships of $500 or more to attend.

They need your help!

Your donation today will mean that more children like Jeremy can experience a life changing summer.

Here’s the impact your donation will have:

  • $500 will provide a camp scholarship for one homeless child.

  • $100 will pay for sports equipment.

  • $50 will provide two pairs of sneakers for children whose only shoes are a pair of flip flops.

  • $30 will purchase a bathing suit and towel.

Every donation counts. Will you help?

Please give generously to help our kids.

P.S. Camp starts on July 1st.
Please make your donation TODAY.